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Niket Karajagi Business Coach has many shows to his credit on Leadership & Management; namely Eternal Elements, Maverick Entrepreneurship, Zen in Leadership, Eternal Podcasting Principles & an Online Show Maverick Conversations. P5Engage brings all the five shows together and also engages you with Niket Karajagi your host for Bespoke Business Coaching and AtyaasaaOnline a Corporate Behavioural Competency eLearning Portal. These shows are also popular on various podcast hosting portals. P5Engage gives you the ease of access to all podcasts & Social-Video shows of Niket Karajagi on this podcast & more site.

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Niket Karajagi is an Entrepreneur, Faculty for Design Thinking, Tech-Educator, Author, Coursera Honors Mentor, Business Psychologist, ICF accredited Leadership Coach, and an Organization Development Facilitator. He is also a podcaster, blogger, and video caster. He has over 25,000 hours of consulting and training experience while having contributed to over 175 organizations worldwide. He has trained and coached well over 2,00,000 leaders and managers globally in various behavioral and management areas. Niket has more than 25 certifications in the field of Management from various International Universities. He is a certified assessor for Global Leader of Future, MBTI, FIRO-B, DISC, and Saville assessments. You can visit his body of work at niketkarajagi.com.

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Connect with Niket Karajagi on ClubHouse drop in audio for live audio engagements. Join his club room Maverick Conversations for unconventional conversations with thought leaders in the field of management & leadership and podcasting. 


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