Month: January 2021

96-Turnaround Grand Strategy 9

Season 7: TurnaroundThe Grand Strategy used by firms to emerge out of turbulent times using cost-cutting & asset reduction. This strategy is useful to make the organization Lean & Effective resulting in profitability outcomes. In this podcast, we discuss the ninth Grand Strategy of Turnaround.AtyaasaaOnline is an E-learning portal that people can preview and learn…

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95-Concentric Diversification Grand Strategy 8

Season 7: Concentric DiversificationThe Grand Strategy used by firms to expand businesses leveraging on the core competencies of the first firm. This strategy has proved to be the most useful, with the lowest-risk and instant expansion outcome. It crunches the launch & execution time and makes available a new market base with each company creating…

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94-Conglomerate Diversification Grand Strategy 7

Season 7: Conglomerate DiversificationThe Grand Strategy used by firms to acquire brands in dissimilar production-market scenarios. This strategy has proved useful though with high-risk and instant corporate expansion outcome. It helps the speedy expansion of brands in different industries and markets and smoothes the business cycle with several cash cow options for internal use. Not…

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