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Zen in Leadership

3-Preface:Zen the Essence of Excellence in Leadership

Zen and 21st Century leadership go hand in hand. While we deal with the outer world of business, leadership is also an inner journey full of Zen moments. In this podcast, we talk of the book’s preface Zen the Essence of Excellence in Leadership. We discuss the inspiration to the Sutras and the transcendence of Yin & Yang the polarities of life. It is all about leaders who are Masters of their Mind process.

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Niket Karajagi
Tech-Educator & Leadership Coach

Zen Essence of Leadership Excellence
This book is based on some remarkable leaders I engaged with worldwide.

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An Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, MBTI Practitioner, DISC Trainer, Saville International Accredited Assessor, Design Thinking Practitioner & People Analytics Professional.

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