Eternal Podcasting Principles

Eternal Podcasting Principles

Hosted ByNiket Karajagi
Niket Karajagi is a Management and Leadership Podcaster. He is recognized as a content creator who combines Art and Science in curating and scaling education content. These podcasts will help podcasters curate, grow, scale and monetize podcasts.
Podcasts have the power to transform lives, so enter the Blue Ocean of Podcasting with these learning concept podcasts, which are dedicated to enabling podcasters of today and tomorrow.
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Eternal Podcasting Principle 2

Our Podcast must be a manifestation of our authentic passion, a sense of purpose which is its Bespoke Solution. Visit Niket Karajagi’s body of work at Follow @niketkarajagi...

Eternal Podcasting Principle 1

Our Universe is an ever-evolving phenomenon of human centric solutions and evolution of consciousness. Allow this podcast to explain this principle to you. Visit Niket Karajagi’s body of work...

What must I Podcast?

This is the edifice of podcasting. One has to be sure of the concept we wish to curate in our podcasts. Choose it well. Give to time. You can...

What’s in the Voice?

Audio is powerful. Our voice is the connect with the world. Audio is more powerful that visuals and the most fundamental to our existence. Explore the world of audio...

What is a Podcast?

We start with the basics; the definition of a podcast. We start with the eternal question of when should I start podcasting? Niket Karajagi your host takes you through...